Senior Management Team Programme

Case Study

Senior Management Team Development Programme

A Programme with a clear Focus:

Having met with the Plant Manager- Liam Hynes and the HR Manager Ber Fennessy we developed a 2 day programme in Delphi Lodge in Connemara. The focus of the development programme was to create, develop and sustain a high performance Management team.

The core objectives of the workshop were to:coviden

  • To investigate and challenge how we can become more effective for the business through teamwork.
  • To measure where we are now and where we need to go to become a High(er) performance team
  • To put quantifiable objectives with a clear action plan in place to deliver this to our team


Approach and Methodology

The programme was designed to be interactive and combined discussions with specifically designed outdoor team tasks. After each task there was a structured review that enabled the team to reflect on how their behaviours impacted on the success or failure of the task. Finally the team were encouraged to apply how the learning needed to be applied back in the business



“The experience took away all the barriers that are so often present and allowed us to focus on the things that were going to make a difference- The team” Ber Fennessey HR Manager



The outdoor tasks and review sessions were also supplemented by a number of indoor working sessions

Senior Management Team


Programme Schedule:


Day 1: Arrive Delphi Tea/Coffee and scones on arrival. Programme Introduction – Lead Facilitator (Fintan Ryan) Expectations and Desired Outcomes The experiential process.Team task “Be Crateful”Learning Objectives:

  • Effective communication and Teams
  • High Performance Team characteristics



Team task: "A bridge too far"

Learning Objectives

  • Planning and communication
  • Leadership


Team Task "Spiders Web" and "Performance Hoop" X 2 teams

Learning Objectives:

  • Support and Challenge in a team environment.


Review/Values and ground rules for effective team work

Delighting in Differences (Communication Styles)

Learning Objectives:

  • Communicating effectively together
  • Awareness and Relationship development


Day 2: Breakfast/ Review Day 1Team task “The Delphi Way”- Raft Building

Learning Objectives:

  • Effective Project Work- from scope to close
  • Effective Team-work

Review/Team Effectiveness profile.

Next steps (Action Planning)

Final review

What can We Start/Stop/Continue to be more effective as a group.


Senior Management Training



“Not alone was the programme great fun but the level of facilitation enabled us to grow and develop as a team in a way that I don’t think could be achieved in a traditional learning environment.”

Liam Hynes